WoV Leadership Team Highlight

Meet Soraya Leila Emery, co-lead of our WoV Fitness subgroup! As a professional dancer, dance and hatha yoga teacher, Soraya co-leads the WoV Fitness subgroup with her amazing personality – read more about her below and join WoV Fitness if you’re interested in all kinds of fitness topics!

Tell us a bit about your background! Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the french speaking part of Switzerland from Swiss and Moroccan parents. I grew up amongst cows and arabic tales.

If you tried to summarize your personality into a few words, what would that be?

Free spirit, queen of improvisation, positiveness bomb, believe in my dreams and intuition, always organized.

Tell us how badass you are! What are you super proud of? What are you super good at?

I’m proud of the path I took: dance! My parents always tried to keep me away from dancing and making it my full time job so I’m so proud to work today as a dancer, my dream job, my passion, the love of my life. Also I’m super good at remembering thousands of useless details, cooking delicious meals with the wrong ingredients, sarcasm and eating two chocolate bars in a row because I forgot I already ate one.

What do you love (to do, or just in general)?

I love positivity, softness, movements, dreams, chocolate, my family, humanity.

How did you come to Vienna? What’s your favorite spot/thing to do here?

After graduating from SEAD in Salzburg, I found a job in Vienna and decided to give it a try!

I enjoy walking in the city, nose up in the air, embracing every details of this typical viennese architecture. I also love swimming in the Donau, having a cozy morning with a verlängerter, falling asleep in the grass and visiting Christmas markets (for obvious reasons).

Is there anything you’re newly learning right now? Or what do you want to learn when you have time?

Everyday I’m learning about myself and others. Otherwise, when I will stop procrastinating I would love to learn to play guitar and taekwondo.

Anything you’d love to recommend more people to see/experience these days?  

I’d love to recommend people to simply be curious. Whatever interests you, makes you feel good, gives you hope or helps you go through the day, do it and do it more often.

What’s something weird/fun/unexpected about you?

I give names to my plants and treat them like my children. We are a big family!

A pet peeve of yours – what can’t you stand?

Procrastination is my best friend.

Who’s a female role model you’d really love to be like (that we can all read up on and admire)?


Why did you apply to be a part of the WoV leadership team? What do you like about it?

I like the community spirit of it! Women of Vienna helped me a lot when I first arrived and being part of it is sort of giving it back to the community. Despite my procrastination, I’m a multi-work-aholic, the more is on my plate, the hungrier I become. I like to develop new skills, this is an opportunity to discover myself differently.