Women of Vienna hosts approximately 15 offline events per month, as well as 4 signature events per year.  Our monthly events are open to Women of Vienna members only, whereas our signature events are open to the public*.

Monthly event information can be found in the Events section of our private Facebook group.  Check back here soon for more information about our next signature event.

Signature Events

LOVEeveryBODY Event


Society portrays a very narrow idea of what an ideal female body looks like. Women of Vienna is a big group of so many incredible women, coming from different cultures and backgrounds. We challenge the idea that a woman should look a certain way to be perceived as valuable. On the 30th of November, we […]

More Than a Dress Panel Discussion: How Does the Dirndl Fit in Modern Austria?

Friday, November 16, 2018-Vienna, Austria// A crowd of over 80 local and international women* came together last Friday evening to learn more about the traditional women’s dress, the dirndl, and how it fits into a modern, multicultural Austria. The “More Than a Dress” event was held at co-working space Das Packhaus and was hosted by […]