Meet Undine


Welcome to our very first Woman Wednesday!

Undine is one of our original members and has been to several events. She’s always got a smile on her face and her sunny disposition makes you want to smile yourself. I met with Undine at Wirr Cafe the other day and we chatted a bit about her experiences with Austria, Vienna, and life in general. I hope you enjoy and can walk away from this post with a smile, just like I did!



Undīne Ozoliņa

I joined a theater group when I was in Salzburg. I was definitely not brave, I was really scared. At the first meeting I was like “I can still go away, I can still go away, I can quit it”.  And for the first month I was really insecure, I was really thinking about quitting it. But once, in the workshop we had a really good improvisation where I actually got a little praise. And I though “ok, maybe I can do this”. Even if I kept being insecure, it’s in your mind. It’s challenging, you get out of your comfort zone. But it’s good.

It makes me think of my creative times. I even used to write poetry and I felt like such an artist because I was published in the local newspaper. I often think, I’m studying literature, what if I wrote something?

Do I have such really big life changing goals? Of course not. Because how can I know what will happen? This is what I am really scared of, that I will make this plan and something will happen, you know, that will change it. So I don’t make such big goals. Maybe for the next few years or so. I always try to think; ok, well, I’m studying so I want to finish my studies. Ok, what will be the next step?  Maybe my next step- I want to work in tourism. But I don’t think too far ahead because, how can I know? And maybe this next step will change something in my mind. So sometimes really tiny small goals, like the next step, that’s nice. And again I think it’s not a time anymore  where people make some big life goal and go for it. We have so many more opportunities, so many more chances. It changes, we do one thing, and then we have to do something else.  In today’s world we cannot make one goal.

I usually meet people through things like Yelp or Women of Vienna, something fun like this. That’s what I like about Vienna, you’re always discovering weird little spots. It is big but there is always something going on.